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As a research partner accredited by Innosuisse and a partner of The Ark, the Icare Institute is your point of reference for innovative IT projects related to artificial intelligence, computer vision, communicating objects and mobile development.

Innovation mandate

To ensure efficient use of resources and to maximise results, Icare manages its projects with agile methodologies such as Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP), which have proven their effectiveness in practice for risky projects with high innovation potential.

Technology transfer

Technology transfer is the process of transferring a research project to the industrial field. With its 30 years of experience in the field, Institut Icare is able to support you effectively in this type of process.

Transfer of competences

Some companies face difficulties in preserving and passing on know-how acquired during a research project. To avoid this problem, Institut Icare accompanies you throughout the project, upstream, during the project, but also after the end of the project.

Feasibility study

Checking that a project is technically feasible and economically viable is essential for a company that wants to launch a new product. Always at the cutting edge of technology, Institut Icare is able to analyse your requests in order to limit your risk-taking as much as possible.

Technology watch

Technology watch consists of systematically informing oneself about the most recent techniques. The Icare Institute regularly evaluates new technologies in its sectors of activity, which allows it to easily provide technological advice for research projects in the broader IT field.

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Computer vision

Recognition and visual identification of shapes, strings or objects using mobile devices (smartphones, wearable devices). Optiomisation of the management of computing power, memory and batteries (physical constraints and limits of target terminals).

Machine learning

Creation of prediction and optimisation algorithms and intelligent agents. The fields of application are proposed by companies and their new business models: data analysis, decision support, optimisation, predictive models, e-energy, (informational energy management), e-tourism, big data, etc,…

Mobile implementation

Applied research, design and development of innovative software for ubiquitous computing, for smartphones and wearables, focusing on new services for users.

Communicating objects

A world of intelligent and communicating objects. Combining the tagging of such objects, the collection and analysis of data and the presentation of information to users, the Internet of Things is creating a new world of digital services for use by end consumers and industry.