The whole net+ Mobile TV experience on Apple TV


The collaboration between Netplus and the Icare Institute started back in 2016. At that time, our research institute developed algorithms for recommending content based on user profiles. This functionality was subsequently further improved, enabling to provide its customers with more detailed advice based on metadata.
The net+ TV Mobile application has been continuously improved. Although the control of the box and the management of the TV guide already worked with the first version of the application, it was not yet possible to watch the 100 or so channels offered by net+ on this type of media in mobile use. Streaming has been made available and the video player has been improved in terms of performance and stability.
The iOS application has been ported to Apple TV with the aim of offering subscribers the same content and experience on this new medium. The developments made by Icare were transferred and completely taken over by the net+ development team, this project once again demonstrating the success of our institute’s technology transfer activities towards industry.
The collaboration between net+ and Icare continued with the development of the Netplus TV application on a new device: the Apple TV. Net+ subscribers can now access their free-to-air and encrypted content anywhere in Switzerland directly from their Apple TV.