Facilitate the recognition of objects, vehicles and documents


Icare is recognised for its expertise in smartphone-based artificial vision. Whether it is for decoding barcodes, license plates, identity documents or payment slips, the technology is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its various partners.
The applied research in artificial vision carried out by the Icare Institute is called upon to take up new challenges, according to the demands of innovation projects and the evolution of ever more efficient technologies. In 2019, our identity document decoder has seen a great evolution with the arrival of NFC reading on iPhones. By taking advantage of this new possibility, our decoder is now able to read the data stored in the chip of biometric passports. This development was carried out in collaboration with the company Dycom, which integrates our software bricks into its products. These products are used, among other things, for the control of persons at Zurich airport.
In the banking sector, our payment slip recognition technology, which is used in several eBanking applications in Switzerland, is leading the way for the new QR-Bills, which will be introduced in June 2020. Our decoder is now capable of reading either a line of coding or a QR-Fac-ture in the same video stream. The solution was deployed at the end of 2019 with the various banking institutions that are partners of the Icare Institute.
Our license plate reader has benefited from technical optimisations, notably through deep learning, so that recognition can be applied with greater reliability to the challenges posed by vehicles that are very far away or in motion. This work will continue in 2020.
Finally, in order to enhance our skills, the “Vision Explorer” mobile application, which integrates all our decoders, has been developed and published for iOS and Android. This application provides a showcase for our technologies which are made available to companies.