Who are we?

Digital transformation at the heart of our research

Since 1991, the Icare research institute has focused its work on the future needs of companies by developing skills and know-how. Tomorrow’s computer technologies are developed and implemented through complex research projects. To carry out these projects, Icare relies on multidisciplinary teams made up of key players in the scientific world from our universities and from industry. This approach allows us to rapidly transform research results into pragmatic solutions for companies. Digital transformation is a major challenge for our SMEs. It brings with it its share of uncertainties, complexities and redefinition of internal company processes.

It is accelerating the changes in organisations to make them more flexible and in direct contact with customers. These changes create new spaces favourable to innovation and the involvement of all the players in a company, from the manager to the receptionist. For several years, the Icare Institute has been able to integrate these multiple success factors to transform a technology into a real solution for its partner in the economy. In order to offer all the business skills necessary for an in-depth digital transformation of companies, Icare has forged academic alliances and scientific partnerships with recognised players in the various fields of application. In the health sector, for example, the development of complete systems enabling personalised medicine requires close collaboration with specialised integrators.